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Markham Vineyards Heritage Club Wines February 2015

Sweet—a word often perceived as synonymous with the qualities of a Rosé. But that is not always true. Give the Markham Rosé a try and you will quickly see there is nothing sweet about it! Instead with each sip, you will be greeted with a crisp freshness filled with pomegranate flavors and hints of cream. With no residual sugar, the complexity of rose petals, orange zest and mineral notes will treat you. Are you in the mood for dinner with a little something from the sea? Pair it with the 2016 Rosé of Pinot Noir to make that fish sing!

Also included, and just in time for our 35 anniversary of Markham Merlot, we have the 2014 Estate Merlot. The Estate Merlot is the epitome of all that we love about Merlot! A core of cherry laced with colas, caramel, and notes of brown sugar in the aromas and palate are always ready to please. The 2014 vintage was a near perfect season, and our Yountville Estate vineyards have a lineage of over 140 years of taking advantage of great seasons! Do you enjoy sexy and smooth? Trying sipping the Estate Merlot while listening to the silky voice of Marvin Gaye—now that’s heavenly smooth!


Rosé 2016 - 750ml

Deep watermelon color has us falling in love with our pink wine again in 2016. Cran-Raspberry® aromas are reminiscent of home, but there is a complexity of minerals, rose petals, cotton candy and orange zest too! The lush entry delights with sour cherry and pomegranate flavors layered with hints of cream. A thirst quenching glass of wine with a lengthy finish to herald springtime! Enjoy with a couple of fish tacos topped with guacamole and pickled onions for a quick nibble. 

Winemaker's Notes

Retail Price: 19.00 | Club Shipment Price 13.30

Petit Verdot 2013 - 750ml

Power is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the 2013 vintage. Our estate Petit is certainly anything but and will most certainly require patience to enjoy the wine she will become. Boysenberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream aromas are showy and laced with hints of the Calistoga terroir. Big tannins are tightly wound upon release, vibrant acidity in this wine shows it will age a nice long time, providing you can wait! Juicy, ripe berry flavors are layered with violets, caramel and root beer notes. A grilled rib-eye with a side of decadent blue cheese mac & cheese should provide a simply delicious pairing. 

Winemaker's Notes

Retail Price: 44.10 | Club Shipment Price 30.80  


Syrah 2014 - 750ml 

Satsuma plums have a lovely fruit perfume much like our Syrah. Layers of licorice and marshmallow dust enhance the decadent jammy aromas. Sweet oak char shows as tobacco and cigar box accented with maple syrup from the barrel aging. Velvety texture for which Syrah is known is expressed with black cherry fruit with black pepper spice. The tannins start to hold grip mid-taste testifying at the youth of the vintage. Serve with an ancho chile rubbed pork loin paired with grilled winter squash to compliment both naughty and nice notes of each. 

Winemaker's Notes

Retail Price: 40.00 | Club Shipment Price 28.00

Estate Merlot 2014 - 750ml

2014 marks our 35th anniversary of making Merlot here at Markham Vineyards. We can say without a doubt that it is our favorite wine! Our Estate Merlot bottling is the pinnacle of all that we love. A core of cherry jam fruit wrapped with cola, caramel and brown sugar can be found in both the aromas and on the palate. While this sexy wine has the ripe, juicy texture we adore, the big, tight tannins will require some patience to enjoy in the short term. We love to pair this wine with a quiet evening and a Marvin Gaye soundtrack. However, grilled lamb lollipops with a side of roasted root veggies will also give you something to sink your teeth into. 

Winemaker's Notes

Retail Price: 55.00 | Club Shipment Price 38.50