Estate Merlot and Merlot

We’ve been making delicious Markham Merlot for a good number of years now! We have nearly two score years of making Markham Merlot. Our Winemaker, Kimberlee Nicholls, has one score and five years of being a part of this Merlot-making tradition. During those years, much of that Merlot has been aged in our historic Stone Cellar that dates nearly 7 score years old. So what does it all mean? We'll do the math; you can score big by helping us celebrate our 35th Markham Merlot Anniversary!

To celebrate, we're offering savings of up to 30% (20% for non-members) on our 2013 Estate Merlot and 2014 Merlot! Simply purchase 12 or more bottles of either Merlot or both and the savings will automatically apply as you shop away!