Pizza in the Piazza

Saturday, May 6, 2017 | 1-3pm

You're officially invited to our pizza party! Spend your Saturday with us, as we serve up specialty pizzas, live music and our award-winning wines in the courtyard. We've partnered with Tre Posti who will be slinging pies while we pour the vino to pair. 

Aunt Eunice Corn Custard

This is a recipe that is a must for my holiday table. Originally given to me by my Aunt Eunice (the gourmet chef of the family), I routinely change the recipe to fit my holiday meal by adding either roasted garlic, fresh chives, crispy bacon or green chilies depending on the meal I am creating.

euro spa and inn napa

An Intimate Experience Of Tranquility

In the picturesque Napa Valley’s Wine Country is the charming and relaxed ambiance of an delightful Calistoga inn and spa. Nestled in the quaint town of Calistoga at the foot of Mount St. Helena in northern Napa Valley, EuroSpa & Inn delivers a rejuvenating wine country getaway experience that you would not want to miss!

EuroSpa & Inn and More Lodging Partners

Markham Vineyards Heritage Club Wines February 2015

Included in the November member package we have some great wines telling the flavor-tales of old and new! First off we have the 2014 Chardonnay, whose oak and butter seem to be defining characteristics of many modern day chardonnays, and while there are certainly elements of both in the 2014 vintage, our chardonnay flirts playfully between these two poles. The playfulness of this wine may be enjoyed on its own, or as Markham Winemaker, Kim Nicholls prefers, with a nice chunk of hard cheese and bread.