Thanks to our members who attended the 2011 Markham Zinfandel release party, featuring chocolates from Recherche du Plaisir. What a "sweet" day!


Notes for the 2011 Markham Zinfandel:
Fruity aromas of raspberry, layered with coffee, mocha and toast. Like a rowdy teenager, this wine is still young, needing to relax before bringing it to the dinner table. Once it has opened, mellowing out a bit, you will be amazed by its ripe, bright flavors of cranberry, toast and spicy black pepper! 

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Release price $29 per bottle - LIMITED SUPPLY, ORDER NOW.

Lucy Gustafson opened a little Parisian-style confiserie (aka a sweet shop), called Recherche du Plaisir (loosely translated as the quest for pleasure) in 2012. Tucked away in beautiful Sonoma County, the shop features a wonderful array of truffles and chocolates that we feel are a lovely compliment to our latest Zinfandel.