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Kimberlee Nicholls 

Every winemaker has a unique path that leads him or her to the fascinating process of transforming grapes into wine - Kimberlee will happily tell anyone that her path was forged when she "met a boy" at college. That "boy" was from Northern California, where they decided to settle after getting married. She's been making wine ever since - and for more than 20 years at Markham.

Often heard espousing, “I’m a better cook than a winemaker,” Kim thoroughly enjoys throwing small dinner parties for family and friends. Those intimate gatherings make wine inspiration and food memories come to life for her. She knows she’s nailed the most recent blend when she would serve that wine with a favorite dish she fondly remembers from her grandmother's cooking.

As the mother of two teenagers, she is hoping to pass the mantle so that the love of food, wine and family is instilled to the next generation. If there is a gathering at the winery, be assured that dessert has probably been hand-made by Kim since she used to decorate cakes professionally.

Kimberlee is part of a select group of women winemakers in the Napa Valley. Her palate, tasting skills and experience ensure Markham’s consistency and true-to-type varietal expression are evident vintage after vintage. She is committed to keeping the history of the winery alive, as shown in her creation of the Cellar 1879 Red Blend - an homage to Markham founder Jean Laurent who built the winery's stone cellar in 1879. But it's Kim's innovation and willingness to constantly improve in the vineyard and in the cellar which ensure that your next bottle of Markham will match perfectly with whatever she is - or you are - cooking. Portrait of Kimberlee courtesy of Robert Holmes.



Check out this AMAZING video featuring the winery and our fearless leader, Winemaker Kimberlee Nicholls, from a very dedicated Heritage Club member, Jon McIntosh! Jon, we think you've found your calling - look out Scorsese!!