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Everyone knows that our wines get their beautiful deep, red color from the skins of the grapes. Winemakers use a technique known as a pumpover or punch down to plunge the skins back into the juice and extract all the flavors & color into their red wines. This process typically takes ~8-12 days here at Markham, but in extraordinary vintages like 2017 we allow our Cabernet to languish upwards of 40 days. We call this process extended maceration and it gives the wines an "iron fist in the velvet glove" texture that we adore.

drain press robert carlos

DRAIN Press  DrainPress 041

When our winemaking team decides it is time to press, the red wine is carefully racked off the skins into an empty tank. The skins still contain juicy goodness that we send out to the press enabling us to collect every drop. However, the skins need a bit of help to get out of the tank in which they were fermented. The skins still have trapped carbon dioxide gas, naturally produced during the fermentation process, that needs to be evacuated from the tank to ensure safe air quality. Our tanks are considered "confined spaces" and require strict regulations, permits and Red Cross certification to enter. When all of these guidelines have been met, someone crawls inside the tank to shovel out the remaining skins and pomace. Our safety protocol requires each entrant wear a harness... So who wore it best?

Harness Alex Aldo
Alex or Aldo?

Harness Carlos Ricardo
Carlos or Ricardo?

Harness Robert Kim
Robert or Kim?

Harness Tony Tiana
Tony or Tiana?

Harness Tyler Diego
Tyler or Diego?

Harness Victor Miguel
Victor or Miguel?