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Wolleson-ZNThere comes a point in October when you truly know that Fall has arrived. For me, it is that chill in the morning air coupled with the scent of burning leaves. It was on such a morning that I decided harvest was over and we picked the remaining 2012 vintage just like that. What a quick journey this vintage has been for us at Markham! Unlike pomp & circumstance at the start, the end is quiet and subdued standing at the crush pad with my associate winemaker and cellar master saying good-bye.

Of course there is SO much for which to be thankful. We will be busy pressing out reds until close to Thanksgiving as the estate Cabernet continue to languish on their skins for a full 30+ days. Our red wines are dark and intense in a vintage that has lived up to the hype. The intoxicating aromas of yeast, banana and pineapple waft throughout the winery as they escape the chilly Chardonnay cellar only mid-way through barrel fermentation. We’re working on some new projects one involving Muscat and the other with old vine Zinfandel just for fun. I’m smiling and I am not alone!

-Winemaker Kimberlee Nicholls