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And just like that it’s over! It has been a furiously fast paced harvest here at Markham Vineyards - see some of my favorite moments above. The main four varietals that we make all collided here at the winery during the same four week period. Sauvignon Blanc, which has seen several years of lack-luster yields, sported a healthy crop and thus arrived late. The tiny berries on our Merlot meant another early vintage and eventual competition for time in the press. As our late to arrive Chardonnay enjoyed the last days of summer and is finally perking away in barrels. I did mention more than once that I would not sample the Cabernet until we were ready to receive it. Sure enough, the Cabernet was ready the minute it was sampled and we were not! Alas things have a way of working out and the end is in sight. This vintage has blessed us with a bounty of tropical Sauvignon Blanc, rich Chardonnay, lushly tannic Merlot and classic Cabernet that my crew and I will be proud to show you all soon!

-Winemaker Kimberlee Nicholls