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Soon everyone will have an insider’s view into how wines are made here at Markham Vineyards through the public television seriesVintage: Napa Valley 2012 (check your local listings). I’m not really sure how it came about – it all happened so fast.

I won’t lie; the prospect of a camera crew following us around during harvest wasn’t something in which I had any interest at first. It’s the busiest time of the year here at the winery and my thoughts need to stay focused not only on the wines I WANT to make, but on the wines that are BEING made daily. But Vintage producers Peter Backeberg and Antoine AR Hunt were passionate about sharing the story of how wine is made, giving the public at large unrestricted insight into an age-old process that is typically surrounded in mystique and romance. The cellar crew and I were won over and happy to share our story with people who had such a vision. Hopefully you will see how seriously we take our jobs but also that we are a family putting our love, sweat and tears into each and every wine during the organized chaos that is harvest. CHEERS to Peter & Antoine for bringing it to life for all to see!

- Winemaker Kimberlee Nicholls