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A sideways glance at the vineyard as I drove into the winery this morning had me jumping out of my car and investigating what was going on in the vineyard.  Just as I suspected, another early budbreak! The Sauvignon Blanc vineyard belonging to our neighbor just south of the winery had buds pushing out from their dormant canes and the pruning cuts showing the telltale signs of wetness as the vines spring to life.  This is healthy sign that the grapevines have plenty access to water at their feet.  Of course we still have a full two months of watching the weather until all threat of frost has passed, somewhere around Mother’s Day.  

Here in Napa Valley, fans are used in our vineyards to move the cold air when the temperatures dip below 35°F to protect the delicate new growth.  Good thing too, because our 2013/2014 winter has been one of the driest on record here in California.  I am happy to report our reservoirs are full from early March rains, plus our groundwater tables appear to be strong at each of our estate vineyard wells.  Luckily grapevines thrive with limited water so using careful crop and canopy management will allow us to make excellent quality wines again this year.  

-Winemaker Kimberlee Nicholls