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Markham Vineyards Harvest Crew 2015

We're just a little busy right now for me to write a full blog post but I thought that you all might enjoy seeing some of what's going on in the vineyards, cellar and crush pad. We kicked off harvest 2015 on August 12th by bringing in some young Chardonnay and toasting our good fortune with some Jean Laurent Champagne I found - as in Jean Laurent, the original founder of Markham Vineyards way back in 1879!

Jean Laurent bubbles Cheers to Harvest 2015 

We have really only crushed 100 tons, still another 1700 or so to go...  Once the heat passed, the sugars have all slid backwards and we are just waiting to begin the fast and furious harvest chaos. We have already brought in some Pinot Noir as well as some Sauvignon Musque. The old vine Charbono is looking great! (L-R below: Pinot Noir being harvested, Sauvignon Musque arrives at the crush pad, Charbono still soaking up the sunshine.)

Getting in the Pinot Noir Semillon harvest charbano

In the video below, our Estate Pinot Noir - the first red grapes we've picked this year - go for a carbonic maceration swim in CO2.


I've currently got Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot juice samples lined up in the lab. We're tasting and testing them daily to make sure they are just right for picking - and for making the best possible bottle of wine for all of you. More harvest photos later - back to work for now! - Winemaker Kimberlee Nicholls

Tasting samples