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Blackberry-Hand-Pies2Good thing I’m already in full summer celebration mode. It may seem a bit early, my summer is soon to be cut short as harvest is speeding ahead whether or not I’m ready. But I’ve been watching the local buckeye trees on my drive to work for the tell-tale signals. First I noticed when they bloomed in May. Typically the grapevines follow a similar bloom pattern. Currently I see the buckeyes are turning brown and beginning to drop their leaves. A trip to the vineyard confirmed what I already knew to be true; veraison was beginning to show in the color of the grapes.

I’ve been entertaining at home with my family, enjoying the lazy summer days. Spending time cooking together with friends and raising glasses of ice cold Markham Rosé. My upcoming visit to my parents’ house will find me in the kitchen with my mom cranking out more epic meals paired with great wines. I know my dad will have picked enough wild blackberries for my mom to have a pie cooling on the counter for us the day we arrive home! That’s what a great vacation is all about in my world, family, friends, food and wine. Guess it’s a good thing that harvest is right around the corner so I can start walking off all the calories as soon as I get back to work…

- Winemaker Kimberlee Nicholls