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When asked the question, “How long should I age this wine?” I undoubtedly cringe. One of the truly beautiful things about the enjoyment of wine is that we all enjoy wine for different reasons at different points along the aging process. One of the personal hazards of my job as winemaker is that I am forced to taste wines (rough job, I know!) brutally tannic and direct from the fermenter through the barrel aging and into blending and bottling.  My morning coffee drink is a quad shot non-fat latte, no sugar, so it should be no surprise that I like wines on the young side  with a deep understanding and appreciation of rough edges. The Markham wines show elegantly from the beginning, usually only occasionally requiring a swirl of air on the big boys. However with bottle aging of 2-3 years, our wines are lush, velvety and seamless. This is my target since most wines are purchased and consumed during that time frame. At 8-10 years, I find our wines really are at peak as they still have abundant fruit but also have relaxed into a harmonious middle life (much like myself). The big boy wines with big tannin structure will most certainly age upwards of twenty years, but why delay in gratification as my favorite wines are always just around the next vintage!

- Winemaker Kimberlee Nicholls